“He worked hard and did more then I asked for. He knows the law very well and is worth his weight in gold. Couldn’t ask for a better attorney.”

– Jake

Did great work for me!

– D. W.

Adam Pollack handled and resolved favorably a complicated case for me…. Through expertise and diligence, Pollack has developed many useful connections in numerous prosecutor’s offices as well as within the DMV. Pollack is thorough and highly effective. … And I am myself an attorney, so I am the most difficult and challenging client possible. I know a truly good lawyer when I see one, and Adam Pollack is a great lawyer.

– Robert Corry


– Dhyaa Alshamare

I couldn’t have picked a better attorney.

The best attorney I could have ever had. On top of every Aspect of the case. Thank you Adam, you’re the best…. aggressive and on point!!
 – Richard


In my experience, Adam is a passionate, knowledgeable, and driven lawyer that strives to bring the best possible outcome to his clients. He is candid, easy to reach, and communicates with you frequently throughout each step of the legal process. He works side by side with you on all facets of your case and works tirelessly to deliver the best outcome for his clients. I would recommend anyone needing a lawyer to contact Adam to see if he can assist with your legal needs.

– R.S.

Adam got the charges dropped

My son is a student at IOWA. He got into serious trouble in Iowa City, but Adam got the charges dropped. We couldn’t wish for a better outcome. Thank you, Adam!

– C.D.

Very powerful Attorney

I met Attorney Adam Pollack for my Criminal case 4 years ago, who is gentleman with professional knowledge and actively attitude. He knows the key point to solve my case and provide suggestions for next steps. Finally, my case has been dismissed in several months. Thank a lot to Adam. Recently, my no contact order has been dismissed by the effort of Adam, very very powerful Attorney, he is patron saint, who not only give a hope to win the case, but also encourage you to believe fairness and justice.

– H.L.

High-class attorney

Helped me out 4 years ago and once again this year—both in different areas. If you need help navigating the system, Adam is your man.

– J.B.

I am VERY satisfied with Adam’s diligence in handling my case and would highly recommend him to work for you

I had contacted a couple local attorneys about some charges that were placed on me. I was not much impressed with that search until I spoke with Adam Pollack. He gave me the impression of being a bulldog and very strong spoken and I was kind of taken back a bit. During that first phone call, the more I spoke with Adam I was extremely impressed and actually admired and respected his bulldog personality! With that being said, I determined that is EXACTLY what I needed to handle my case! Also during that first call he saved me 7 days of almost immediate jail time by looking up and relaying information about the case that the other several attorneys failed to do. Thank you Adam! Adam took the time to ask for detailed facts about the charges and layed out a map of options and possibilities of outcomes. I retained Adam to represent me and was not disappointed! He was very proactive on communication and staying in contact by either phone call or email and I am extremely impressed with that. He actually called and genuinely asked about things and seeing if there were any updates or progress on my end with the case and also in my personal life. And also giving me updates and progression on his end of course. Again, that is impressive to me. Adam gave me his input and suggestions but then also essentially made me have the last say in the decision making process. He will work with you AND for you. Adam was making his personality work for me and was building very strong and intimidating defense and I was extremely comfortable with the direction we were heading. In the end, with the facts presented the case and charges were dismissed. I am VERY satisfied with Adam’s diligence in handling my case and would highly recommend him to work for you.
Again, thank you Adam.

– S.L.

Highly recommend this guy! He’s dedicated

He’s always quick to respond and he is supportive every step of the way. He might not sound like the nicest guy at the beginning but he truly is and he’s very professional and made things a lot easier to deal with.


Highly recommend

Adam communicates regularly and will be straight forward the whole time. He works hard for his clients and will go the extra mile to ensure the best case scenario. Highly recommend.

– A.R.