Even if you are a responsible drinker it can happen to you

A good defense attorney will minimize the impact of the legal system upon you. By hiring a competent, experienced criminal defense attorney like Adam Pollack you can feel confident that you have an attorney who will explore all defenses to beat the charges or obtain the best plea deal possible. Call Adam Pollack for a free initial consultation so he can assess your case:

Did the police offer you a chemical test after your arrest? Was the breath testing machine properly calibrated? Did the police properly administer the test by following the manufacturer’s instructions? Did the police properly instruct and score field sobriety tests?

Did the police have the right to seize you? Did the police have the right to search you? Did they question you properly? Did the police coerce your statements or consent? Did they make implied promises of better treatment if you confessed or worse treatment if you did not? If you asked for a phone call or requested an attorney, was that request honored? After being placed in custody, were you read your Miranda warnings? Does the State have sufficient evidence to sustain its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt of each and every one of the specific elements of the crime of which you are accused?

Did you know that you only have 10 days after your initial appearance on a simple misdemeanor to demand a jury trial?

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Get the best defense possible:

  • Public drunkenness
  • Getting a public intoxication charge removed from your record
  • Possession of alcohol under the legal age (PAULA)
  • Getting a PAULA removed from your record



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