Adam Worked Tirelessly and Diligently to Ensure Justice

I can’t say enough good things about Adam. He worked tirelessly and diligently to ensure justice and was able to get my case dismissed. He is an excellent communicator as well and always keeps his clients in the loop of what he is working on and important dates to be aware of. Adam is the best choice and I recommend his services to anyone in need.

– J.B.

Amazing and Honest

Adam is an amazing lawyer and honest. I recommend for everyone

– C.B.

I’d Have Adam on My Side Any Day

Adam was thorough, tough, and very competent. Everything he promised was completed in timely manner. He is a winner. I’d have Adam on my side any day.

– T.M.


From the beginning, I found Adam to be straight forward with his assessment of my case. His experience as a prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer provided an unparalleled strategic advantage against the state. He was thorough and tenacious with requesting and reviewing all of the state’s evidence. He kept me informed every step of the way, through multiple forms of communication. Adam was unforgiving when cross examining the state’s witnesses during my suppression hearing. During which, he illustrated how the state grossly erred with the exertion of their authority when detaining, and eventually arresting, me. The end result, Adam successfully suppressed my case and the state dismissed it. Adam is a legal force to be reckoned with and I would highly recommend him to defend you.

– P.R.

Criminal/Possession – 5 Stars

While traveling from TN to IA I was stopped for speeding and was arrested for possession of marijuana & paraphernalia. Mr Pollack put my terrified self at ease with his expert knowledge of the system and I trusted him immediately. He was very prompt with information and with his handling of my case. I returned to TN and let him handle everything in IA for me. The outcome was better than I expected. I would highly recommend Mr. Pollack if you have a criminal case. I can’t stress that enough.

– Suzann

Contact Attorney Pollack Before You Settle

I had the opportunity to hire Mr. Pollack for some legal issue that we had in Iowa. Mr Pollack’s style and sheer knowledge on developing a strategy to manage through the court proceedings, exceeded my expectations. I was very fortunate to have Mr Pollack representing our family. I would encourage anyone to contact Attorney Pollack before you settle for other legal representation.

– Roger

#1 Criminal Attorney in Iowa City

I met Attorney Adam Pollack for my Criminal case half year ago, who is gentleman with professional knowledge and actively attitude. He knows the key point to solve my case and provide suggestions for next steps. Finally, my case has been dismissed in several months. Thank a lot to Adam.

– Hong

Great Attorney

I chose to use Adam out of the three attorneys I met with on my case. Adam was straight forward and had great attention to detail. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case when he was able to get all charges dropped with the City and DOT. He kept me updated on the case. I appreciate everything he did for me.

– Nate

Absolutely Impressed

My son hired Adam Pollack recently to defend him in a case involving 3 legal charges. Adam was extremely knowledgeable and very prompt and professional. Every phone and email was responded in timely manner and his follow-thru was impeccable. We were thoroughly impressed with his work and we feel that the outcome was the best scenario in [my] son’s circumstances. We would Absolutely recommend Mr. Pollack’s services without hesitation.

– Parent of Former Client

We Trust Adam Implicitly

My daughter got involved in a rather complicated, convoluted case. Adam’s tenacity and experience shepherded her through the labyrinth of legalese and options. He was extremely quick at returning calls and emails, and great at keeping us informed of the latest curve ball thrown at us. He has a good reputation–and it is well deserved.

– J.P.

Saved Me Time and Money

Adam was an amazing lawyer to work with. It was obvious to me that he genuinely wanted to help and get me the best deal possible. Adam saved me from jail time and thousands of dollars by getting a serious misdemeanor dropped to a simple misdemeanor, which was huge for me. Anytime something would change in my case, he would always let me know and talk it through with me. He always kept me updated. I am very grateful for the work Adam has done for me and would recommend him to anyone!

– E.J.

Hired Twice

I have hired Adam on two different occasions and both times he has done everything he could to get me the best deal. When I was charged with my second serious misdemeanor, I was looking at very large fines, losing my deferred judgement, and possible jail time. Adam got it dropped to a simple misdemeanor so I could keep my deferred judgment and not have to do jail time. He also saved me about $1,400. What I appreciated about Adam was he always called me when something new came up or changed – he kept me in the know at all times. I am grateful for all the work Adam has done for me and would recommend him to anyone.

– Former Client