Great attorney

Mr. Pollack was professional and respectful and did great work to help me with a legal problem.

– JK

Very on point, best money I ever spent!

Adam puts his all in your case, HIGHLY MOTIVATED AND RECOMMENDED! He’s honestly the BEST lawyer i have ever had!!!!! He made my difficult case easy.

– Nancy

Fantastic Lawyer

Adam was professional and right to the point from day one. He told me the probable outcome the first day I called and in the end, I got a better plea deal than expected. Adam has years of experience in law and will fight to make sure you have the best outcome. He is very responsive and will help you every step of the way through your case.

– Drake

Adam Rocks!

Real, upfront and prompt.

– B.B

Best defense lawyer in Iowa

I was Mr. Pollack’s client; and a licensed practicing attorney myself, a Stanford Law School graduate with over 25 years experience in the law. I know the tricks of the trade, and know the difference between good lawyering and mediocre lawyering. Representing a fellow lawyer is one of the most difficult tasks for an attorney to undertake; the client is difficult, opinionated, and questions most everything from a position of knowledge. Adam Pollack handled two of my cases that arose in my personal life, in two different Iowa jurisdictions. Adam advocated for my interests with the utmost professionalism and competence. He was always available day or night, a no-nonsense lawyer, lean-staffed, non-bureaucratic, nimble, but also sincerely cared about my plight. Most importantly, he obtained excellent results for me in both cases. Although at the time, Adam had to marshal all of his considerable skills to persuade me that these were excellent results. Looking back with hindsight, I now see clearly that Adam’s approach, judgment, and advice to me, were virtually flawless. Adam’s involvement with boxing improves his effective and strong approach to the practice of law. He saved my family and me from much difficulty, and I unequivocally recommend Adam to anyone anywhere in the State of Iowa, whether in the Iowa City area or anywhere else. He is the best defense lawyer in Iowa, and I know many.

– R.C

Amazing job

Adam does an amazing job, he is quick to respond, very informative about what he can do for you and very persistent. All the qualities you could ask for in an attorney. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice

– Ashten

Excellent Attorney

Adam provided free consultation for me on my case for multiple misdemeanors that occurred at the same incident and on the same case. He laid out the process for expungement and the problems associated with my particular case. I decided to hire Adam and he successfully was able to argue for the Magistrate to expunge two of the three misdemeanors. Adam then appealed the third misdemeanor to the District court and that judge ruled in favor of expungement. Throughout the process Adam keep me up to date on our progress and asked for my opinion at every step of the way. In the end, Adam made several persuasive arguments that the court agreed with and the most persuasive argument was developed through Adam’s understanding of expungement law. Not every case can be won, but if I had to recommend anyone to legally represent them, I would absolutely recommend Attny Adam Pollack.

– JB

Highly Recommend – OWI Representation

Adam represented me on a recent OWI charge after I found him via a Google search and I definitely made the right decision to utilize his services. Adam was able to get my case dropped by both the state and the DOT thereby allowing me to keep my driver’s license. Adam kept me well informed and was persistent in his pursuit of the county prosecuting attorney addressing my case. I highly recommend him to anyone.

– M.W.

Hire Adam.

Adam is great. He went above and beyond for me. Very professional and knows a lot with the law. One thing that sets him apart from all the other attorneys I have researched was his timeliness. I contacted Adam one morning and he got right back to me that morning. He also keeps you up to date like he says he will. I would 100% recommend his services.

– Former Client

Great attorney for expungement!

Adam knows the law and the legal system. He is very professional and has great communication skills. He helped me tremendously and I would recommend him without a second thought.

– Former Client

Best in Our State

Adam Pollack is a fantastic and professional attorney who knows how to navigate with you through your case paying attention to every and all details. Having a charge of domestic abuse assault can be so daunting because of it’s short and long-term consequences. Adam Pollack is the best one in our state when it comes to this kind of defense. Adam was very active from the first day I consulted him freely and when I hired him I never had to call him because he kept me informed and updated of everything related to my case, he knows when to slow down or speed up the process of the case based on the given facts and evidence and when and how to negotiate deals with the prosecutor. I was planning to go to a very costly trial to get back my clean record if my case is not reduced to a lesser charge but Adam Pollack fought my case aggressively and got my case completely dismissed before entering a plea deal or going to trial. I’m grateful and thankful to him because he basically gave me my life back with a clean record.

– Mohamed

Great Results

Adam was very helpful throughout my case. Very prompt and answered all my questions. Great results and I highly recommend him!!!

– J.M.