Extremely knowledgeable and helpful

“Adam did a fantastic job on my case — he was upfront about my chances and didn’t sugarcoat anything. He’s extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”

– E.S.

Awesome Lawyer, Incredible Results!

Found Adam online and from day one his professional and direct approach was just what my son needed. He could have given up on my son as Adam was certainly tested. He didn’t and through the ordeal gave excellent advice, was always available, and in the end obtained an unbelievable plea deal. If you need a lawyer in Johnson County without getting lost in the bigger firm game, I recommend calling Adam!

– Dave

Highly Recommend

Very attentive, quick, and efficient. Very knowledgeable. Answered all questions in a concise manner.

– Former Client

Discreet professional who knows what he’s doing.

Adam is a pro. I landed myself in a situation I had no idea how to handle. It could have turned out very different without Adam – and impacted me both personally and professionally. He was thorough, understands the local law very well, and extremely responsive – which was critical in my circumstance. Straight forward, no nonsense, yet respectful and appropriately understanding. You can trust Adam. Went above and beyond for me.

– T.P.

Highly recommend!

Adam was very direct, thorough, and honest. He set realistic expectations but also took my priorities into consideration and helped me get charges reduced by being proactive and professional. He answered all my questions, helped clarify paperwork every step of the way and was overall great to work with. I highly recommend Adam Pollack.

– Kurt

Hire Him!

Got in touch anytime I needed help, always before I knew I did. Straightforward, honest, and occasionally blunt when appropriate, he communicates like all defense attorneys should-when action is needed and with focus on clients best interest.

– A.C.

OWI – All Charges Dropped

After being arrested in October of 2016, I hired Adam Pollack to represent me in an OWI case in Iowa City, IA. He consulted with me and informed me that he would like to see the video from the arrest of the night I was arrested. After viewing the video and consulting with me, it was apparent there was no probable cause for the arrest. Adam guided me through the entire process and we ended up going to trial after a deposition and an offer from the state to drop the charges down to a public intoxication. It was already a small win; however, the fines, mandatory courses, SR22 insurance, interlock system would still be on the table. Thus, the total cost for the OWI would stay the same and I would need to attend the counselling/weekend course. I would also need to keep the SR22 insurance for two years and the interlock system with the driving restrictions for its full term of 6 months.

After declining the offer we went to court and ended up winning the case. Adam was very professional, considerate and very informative. I would recommend Adam to anyone who is in need of an Attorney in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area.

– Former Client

Excellent Legal Advice – Dismissed Charges

I had 2 charges pending against me, one for reckless discharge of a firearm and another for child endangerment because a gun went off accidentally in my home. I was facing 2 years in jail, $10,000 in fines and possibly losing my children. Because of Adams knowledge of the law and his attention to details he was able to get both charges dismissed. He not only provided excellent legal advice, but was able to provide personal advice to help me through my situation. I would highly recommend him, and in your first call to him you will understand why!

– Chris

Enough Said Hire Adam

After reading the Past reviews on Adam believe them and I will add this. My house was raided by law enforcement and I was charged with possession of marijuana, drug tax stamp violation and drug paraphernalia. Law enforcement seized my automobile, firearms, personal belongings,deed to my my house and savings. Iowa has a forfeiture law, seems to be in my opinion a legal way to steal your stuff, with that said I hired Adam Pollack and the fight was on, my automobile was seized in a different County So Adam had to take on two different prosecutors. The prosecution wanted a suspended sentence and five years probation. When the fight was done thanks to Adam I received a deferred judgement and three years probation and I only served 18 months. Now it’s gets personal take on the Iowa forfeiture law to get my belongings back with that said Adam gets back to work and in the end I have my personal belongings back, it did come at a heavy cost but sometimes it’s about proving a point……… enough said hire Adam.


Adam pays very close attention to your case. He has provided a very positive experience and I feel very confident in his advice. I would recommend Adam to anyone looking for a lawyer who is straightforward and willing to answer questions or concerns as you move forward with your case.

– Mike

I highly recommend Adam as the best option for an attorney in the Iowa City area. Adam is an amazing attorney. He pays attention to all the details and is extremely knowledgeable about the law. He is great with his communication and does the absolute best by his clients.

– Mary

Unf…ing believeable!

46 and born and raised in Johnson County. Found plenty of trouble over the years, especially downtown IC. With 6 months to go on 2 yr dl revocation, I get a mile down the road and pulled over by a deputy I don’t know because he thought he recognized me. Boom! Now I’m looking at up to a year in jail, $1500 fine and worse yet 2 more years revocation from the DOT.

Tired of my CR lawyer plea bargains, I pick a IC attorney out the phone book, Adam Pollack. First talking to him I really didn’t like him, so many damn questions, he even asked what was wrong with me, I felt like I was talking to the prosecutor. After I hung up the phone and stewed I decided he was the guy.

Not my first rodeo, throwing money in the Johnson County wind, I was sure. Adam stayed on my ass and I got a work permit. ( A huge pain in the butt!) The guy would have made more money working at Hardee’s after the hours he spent pulling my head out of my butt.

He never let me give up hope even what I believed hopeless. I ended up pleading guilty to a traffic ticket with a $100 fine. I get my license back on Valentine’s day.