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Do not handle complex legal matters on your own. Choose a proven criminal defense Cedar Rapids / Iowa City attorney. Since 1998, Adam Pollack has provided advocacy for clients with a variety of legal problems, from simple misdemeanors to felonies. Know that you will have an aggressive litigator who will navigate you through the legal system efficiently and effectively. Adam Pollack will advise you of all your options and give you the individual attention you deserve. While working with Adam you will speak directly with him and no one else. Adam is here to listen to your side and defend you in your best interest. You don’t have to feel alone in your defense with Adam as your attorney.

Whether you are facing a minor or major criminal offense, you can benefit from talking with Adam Pollack. Call today for your FREE consultation, and you will agree:

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Adam takes on a variety of legal cases to provide citizens with a sense of security they can rely on. He understands that each case is unique and requires time to find you the best possible solution for your situation. Don’t be uncertain about your legal situation and furthermore don’t hesitate to speak with Adam regarding all of your criminal defense matters. Furthermore all consultations are 100% confidential.

Violation Assessment

Adam can assess whether the police violated your rights, including engaging in unlawful or warrantless search and seizure without an exception and failure to read Miranda warnings. He can also determine whether a warrant had sufficient probable cause, if there was failure to cease interrogation after the right to counsel or right to silence had been invoked, or custodial interrogation that involved promises of leniency or worse treatment if subject refused to speak or admit guilt occurred.

In addition Adam can assess the following violations: failure to provide requested phone call or requested private consultation under Iowa code section 804.20; failure to provide an independent chemical test under Iowa Code section 321J.11 after a request for a separate/different test or re-test is made; due process violations; statute of limitations, speedy indictment or speedy trial violations; and whether what you did actually constitutes the crimes charged.

If the State is attempting to enhance the severity of your charge based on a prior offense, it is important to discuss whether you had an attorney for the prior offense and if you were sentenced to jail. If you did not have an attorney while being on trial and were sentenced to jail, that may preclude the State from utilizing the uncounseled prior offense.

Adam practices in Iowa City (Johnson County) as well as the surrounding counties of Linn (Cedar Rapids), Washington, Iowa, Cedar, and Muscatine.

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