Adam Pollack, Attorney at Law, is an Iowa City lawyer providing defense for a broad range of cases in Iowa City (Johnson County), Cedar Rapids (Linn County), and surrounding areas (Iowa, Cedar, Muscatine, and Washington counties). With each case, there are a variety of circumstances that makes it unique. Feel free to contact Adam with any questions you may have and he can provide you with a free consultation.

Adam can asses whether the police violated your rights, including engaged in an unlawful or warrantless search and seizure without an exception, whether a warrant had sufficient probable cause, failure to read Miranda warnings, failure to cease interrogation after the right to counsel or right to silence has been invoked, custodial interrogation that involved promises of leniency or worse treatment if subject refused to speak or admit guilt, failure to provide requested phone call or requested private consultation under Iowa code section 804.20, due process violations, statute of limitations, speedy indictment or speedy trial violations, whether the State is properly using an uncounseled prior offense to enhance the charges, as well as whether what you did actually constitutes the crimes charged, and whether there are exceptions/exemptions, or justifications.

Be aware that for simple misdemeanors, you must demand a jury trial at your initial appearance or within 10 days of your initial appearance or you waive that right. Also, be aware that there are several simple misdemeanor charges that can be used for charging or sentencing enhancement purposes if you obtain subsequent charges at a later date, so do not underestimate their importance.

Below is a listing of most (but not all) of the types of cases covered.

  • Arson
  • Assault
  • Bad checks
  • Burglary
  • Battery
  • Civil forfeiture
  • Conspiracy
  • Criminal mischief
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Domestic abuse
  • Driving while barred, revoked, suspended
  • Drug crimes – possession, distribution, sale, manufacture, trafficking, possession with intent to deliver, possession of precursors with intent to manufacture
  • Drunk driving (OWI/DUI/DWI)
  • Fake/false/fictitious identification card – possession or use
  • Firearms – unlawful possession, reckless discharge, or false statement on permit to acquire gun
  • Forgery
  • Fraud
  • Guns
  • Harassment
  • Homicide
  • Interference with official acts
  • Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) appeals
  • Kidnapping
  • Manslaughter
  • Money laundering
  • No contact order violations
  • Obstruction
  • Operating while intoxicated (OWI)
  • Possession of alcohol under the legal age (PAULA)
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Probation revocation
  • Prostitution
  • Reckless driving
  • Robbery
  • Sale of alcohol after hours
  • Sale of or providing alcohol or cigarettes to minors
  • Shoplifting
  • Tampering with 911 emergency communications
  • Theft
  • Trespass
  • Underage in a bar after hours
  • Weapons violations
  • Willful injury

See Iowa Criminal Jury Instructions

See Iowa Code

Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions

Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) appeals
Iowa Department of Transportation appeals challenge the loss of your license when it is suspended, revoked, or barred.

Assault, willful injury, domestic abuse, battery, harassment, violation of no contact order
Assault is an unjustified intentional attempt to touch another person or to threaten to injure or harm someone else with the immediate apparent ability to execute the act. Willful injury is intentionally and unjustifiably causing injury to someone else and causing serious harm. Domestic abuse is assault between people who are or recently have been in a relationship or have children together. Battery is causing harmful or offensive contact to someone else’s body. Harassment is when someone intends to intimidate, annoy or alarm someone without justification. Violation of a no contact order is when you contact a protected party, and can include indirect contact via third parties.

Drug possession, distribution, sale, manufacture, trafficking, possession with intent to deliver, possession of precursors with intent to manufacture
Drug possession is having one or more types of illegal drugs in your possession. Drug distribution is giving, selling, transporting, or illegal importing of an unlawful substance or substances. Drug sale is the selling of an unlawful substance to another person. Drug manufacturing is when an individual takes the acts necessary to produce or create an illegal substance. Drug trafficking is selling, manufacturing, delivering, growing, or possessing more than a stated amount of an illegal substance. Drug possession with intent to deliver is when possession and intent to deliver happens simultaneously. Possession of precursors with intent to manufacture is when a person has possession of the components necessary to manufacture the drug and intends to manufacture the drug.

Forgery/Bad Checks
Forgery is creating a false document or altering an original one for the purpose of deception. A bad check is when an individual writes a check under a fake account or writes it under an account that doesn’t have sufficient funds.

Driving while barred, revoked, suspended, Reckless driving
Driving while barred, Driving while suspended, and Driving while revoked is when an individual is caught operating a motor vehicle without legal permission to do so. Reckless driving is when an individual displays a conscious disregard for traffic laws resulting in the endangerment of other drivers.

Burglary is when an individual unlawfully enters a structure with an intent to commit any crime inside. Robbery is the unlawful taking of money or goods in the possession of another person with the use of intimidation or force. Trespassing is unlawfully intruding onto another’s property. Arson is the burning or exploding of a home, building, or any personal property of another. Conspiracy is when two or more people agree to attempt an unlawful act in the future.

Homicide is the killing another human without justification. Manslaughter is an unlawful killing that is lesser than a homicide, which can be voluntary or involuntary. Kidnapping is an unlawful transportation of an unwilling person to hold them against their will.

Fake or false identification card – possession or unlawful use/Underage in a bar after hours/PAULA – Possession of alcohol under the legal age/Unlawful sale or providing of alcohol or cigarettes to minors, or sale after hours
Possession of a fake ID is having an identification card that portrays yourself as another person or alters your identification information. Unlawful use of a fake ID is using an identification card to portray yourself as another person or alters your identification. In Iowa City being underage in a bar after hours is when you are under 21 years old and at a bar past 10 p.m. PAULA (Possession of Alcohol Under the Legal Age) is purchasing or attempting to purchase alcohol or having possession under the legal age of 21. Unlawful sale or providing of alcohol or cigarettes to minors is selling or aiding a minor in purchasing either of these products. Selling alcohol after hours in Iowa is selling any alcoholic beverage not between the hours of Monday through Saturday 6 AM to 2 AM or Sunday 8 AM to 2 AM.

Interference with official acts/Tampering with 911 emergency communications
Interference with official acts is knowingly resisting or obstructing a peace officer, emergency medical care provider, or firefighter, whether paid or volunteer with an act that is in their lawful duty to do so. Tampering with 911 emergency communications is restricting anyone from the act of contacting the emergency communication of 911.

Theft/Fraud/Money laundering
Theft is when a person unlawfully takes possession of another’s property and intends to deprive them permanently of that property, or misappropriates property that the person has been entrusted. Fraud is unlawful deception of another to obtain a financial or personal gain. Money laundering is concealing the origins of illegally obtained money.

Unlawful Firearm possession or discharge
Unlawful Firearm possession is possessing a firearm when one is a felon, or purchasing a firearm without following the correct legal procedures. Unlawful discharge is an intentional discharge of a firearm in a reckless manner.

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