You Have the Right to Record the Police

North Carolina criminal defense attorney, Jesse Bright, was pulled over on February 26th while driving for Uber to make some extra money. Bright began recording the exchange as soon as the police officer walked up to his window.

The officer, Sgt. Kenneth Becker, claimed that Bright was not allowed to record him. When Bright argued that it was his right to record the police, Becker falsely told him there was a new law and he could be arrested if he didn’t stop. Bright responded by saying “I know the law. I’m an attorney, so I would hope I know what the law is.”

The Wilmington police chief, Ralph Evangelous, stated they are conducting an internal investigation into the incident. Evangelous also stated that it is within an individual’s rights to record people in plain site – including the police. Citizens are encouraged to record interactions or incidents when they believe it necessary.

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