New Iowa Temporary Restricted License Law

Last year a new Iowa temporary restricted license law went into effect, drastically changing how temporary restricted licenses (TRL) work in Iowa.

No Periods of Ineligibility

Under the new Iowa temporary restricted license law, there are no periods of ineligibility. This means that almost everyone is eligible for a TRL immediately, regardless of age, test consent or refusal, or the test results. The only potential exception is if you were revoked or suspended already prior to the new revocation.

If your license is revoked, you have only 10 days to appeal the license revocation; otherwise it will go into effect. However, you can still apply for a TRL.

No Driving Location Restrictions

In the past, a temporary restricted license operated as a work or school permit. In comparison, the new TRL does not require any driving location restrictions. With the new TRL you can drive anywhere, anytime, without limit.

New TRL Requirements

The new TRL does have a few requirements for the licensee, including:

  • Install and maintain an ignition interlock device on any vehicle they drive, own, or is registered to them
  • Pay the civil penalty (typically $200)
  • Pay the $20 reinstatement fee and the new license fee
  • Maintain SR-22 insurance

Yes, if you want a TRL during the period that you are revoked, you will need an ignition interlock device. Ignition interlock devices are required for everyone who has a breath, urine, or blood test failure or refusal, an OWI conviction, or deferred judgment if you want a TRL during the period that you are revoked.

There are several available companies that will install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle in Iowa, and you should shop around for the best deal available for you. Some of the options available include:

This is not an endorsement for any particular company. Check with them for complete/more accurate/thorough information and/or discounts available.

Applying for the New Iowa Temporary Restricted License

Those who have a TRL that was issued before July 1, 2018 may want to consider re-applying for this new license, or it may be wiser to keep the old version if you already have it. Consult an attorney before deciding whether to apply for the new TRL, as there may be pros and cons to doing so. The old TRL may or may not be your best option.

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