Fantastic Defense Attorney

Could not have asked for more from Adam. I had a felony drug charge looming over my head that Adam dealt with. He is almost always available to speak to you about your case and will keep you up to date whenever something comes up. Unlike other lawyers he will be straight up with you regarding your situation and how he is going to try to fight it. I HIGHLY recommend hiring Adam and he is worth every penny. Could not have imagined a better outcome or defense lawyer for my situation.

– Chris

Adam was worth every penny

After other attorneys refused to handle my case I happened on Adam Pollack’s website. I wondered if what it said was true, experienced and aggressive. I felt that was what I needed. the Iowa DOT still had sanctions on me even though I lived for years in another state, and until these sanctions were lifted I was barred from receiving a drivers license for several years. I wondered if Adam could help me. Right away he was up front with me and told me he could try but it might be a waste of my money as he couldn’t give me any guaranties. I just had a good feeling about Adam and I told him I was willing to take whatever he could fo for me. He didn’t waste any time and he was so good to keep me informed of any progress he had made. Within 48 hours Adam got the sanctions dismissed. 48 hours, I felt like a miracle just happened, but it was just a very experienced, aggressive attorney that kept on my case until it was corrected. Thank you, Adam.

– Pam

Excellent Lawyer

Adam helped me with a DUI case making what I thought would be a nightmare into a very simple process that was as painless as possible. I never had to speak to anyone other than Adam and didn’t have to appear in court once I hired him.

He did a terrific job putting my mind at ease and allowing me to go on about my life as the process unfolds.

I would highly recommend him!

– A.S.

An honest lawyer

Although the criminal charge against me was weak, the evidence nevertheless could be made to make me look like Jack the Ripper. Adam understood that I could prevail, but doing so wasn’t necessarily going to be easy, or cheap.

Adam did not sugar-coat my predicament; nor did he boastfully portray himself as a latter-day Clarence Darrow. He analyzed my case logically and explained to the prosecutor why the State would have a hard time getting a jury to convict me.

The upshot was that he negotiated the dismissal of the charge against me. Not only that, but Adam actually offered to *refund* part of the (fairly substantial) retainer fee I had paid him.

I’ve had experience personally and professionally with a lot of lawyers all over the United States and in Washington. I’ve never seen one refund part of a fee. In that respect, Adam Pollack is unique.

Adam is not only competent, but honest. I would recommend him to anyone facing any kind of criminal charge in Iowa.



I got in trouble while driving in Iowa City. I called Adam Pollack to represent me. He did an excellent job and got my case dismissed. He was very knowledgeable about my charge and gave me great advice on how to achieve the best outcome.


Felony Drug Charge

Aggressive and to the point, excellent to work with and he works with you. He provided what I needed and did a fantastic job with the case.


When a good person on a bad day needs a great lawyer

My son was most confident with Adam. If there is one thing that we learned from Adam is that you have the right to remain silent ask for legal counsel before talking to anyone. My son defended his cousin after an aggressor threw her to the ground. Got charged with assault for defending his cousin then himself defense of others and self defense. Adam was dedicated to prove his innocence. We collaborated as a team and got the case dismissed.


Thorough, honest and realistic

My son made some poor choices one night that could have had dire consequences for his future. Through Adam’s tireless efforts my son’s legal issues are now manageable. Adam walked us through and supported us through each step of the legal system in Johnson County. I live two hours away and it was comforting to know that my son was in capable hands.

– Mike

A Great Attorney That Goes the Extra Mile

My son ran into some problems while at University of Iowa. It was frustrating not being able to help him since we live in Chicago. I called Adam and he got involved right away. He reviewed every aspect of the charges and explained how we can fight them. Adam kept us informed throughout the whole process and even got the larger charge dismissed! Not only that, but my son told me how Adam kept him so relaxed and calm in court when he was so nervous. It was great to have someone like Adam fight for us and be there for our son when we are not able to be there for him. Adam is a great attorney that really goes that extra mile and we STRONGLY recommend him.

– Michael

Adam Pollack is the guy you want to hire

He handled my case attentively and professionally. Once hired, many lawyers are difficult to get a hold of and difficult to get information from, but not Mr. Pollack. He is available to speak with you about your case almost any time, and if not, he will follow up with you promptly. He does a thorough job taking notes and reviewing your case, tells it like it is, and gives you the most sound advice as to whether you should approach a trial or simply take a deal. I knew from the first conversation that this was the right person for the job, and I do not regret my decision.

-Former Client

Great Attorney

Adam was consistent and got back to me quickly when I had any questions. Ended up getting case dismissed. Would strongly recommend hiring.


Experienced and Committed Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy, professional attorney, Adam Pollack is your guy. He got back to me quickly, listened to all of my concerns, calmed my fears, and dealt with my case promptly. The process was so easy and seamless with Adam. He handled everything and kept me informed throughout the process. He pleaded down my charge, and the outcome was much better than I could have expected. I thought the fee to handle my case was exceptionally reasonable. On top of handling my case, Adam is continuing to help me fight to keep my professional licensure. This is an attorney who goes above and beyond for his clients. I highly recommend him.

– Laura